We treat your pets like we would our own

At Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic, our standard is “we treat your pets like we would our own”.

We want your pets to look, feel and smell better than they did when they walked in to our animal clinic. We love your pets and revel in the fact that they are precious gifts from God. This gives us an even greater sense of responsibility to love and care for them as a treasured gift. We desire to be the first animal clinic that comes to your mind when you consider where you may seek medical care for your pet here in south Birmingham.

Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic has been established at the intersection of Valleydale and Caldwell Mill Road for over 25 years in our state of the art facility. We are rooted and invested in the community here just south of Birmingham. We have six doctors and multiple support staff with a vast avary of experience to address most any need you or your pet may encounter. We are truly grateful to our local community for trusting us with the life of their pets over the past quarter century. If you are a current client, please tell your friends about us. If you are not a client, please come by and see us. Our facilities are spectacular.

In addition to medical services such as ultrasound, digital radiography, pain management, dentistry, orthopedic and soft tissue surgery and laser therapy, we also provide “lifecare” services. Some of those are supervised daycare for your dog at the Barking Zone.  We offer half day and full day supervised daycard, complete with a swimming pool.

We have full time training and grooming on site here at Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic as well. You can even leave your dog or cat with us in our luxury dog or cat suite and monitor their activity while you are away. Our and Relax program is designed for the pet lover that would like to see what their precious pet is doing while they are away at work on or vacation.

All of these things together we hope will culminate in a satisfying and convenient experience for you, and an improved quality and length of life for your friend, your companion, your pet.