Paws and Relax Suites

Paws and Relax

Our Paws and Relax program is designed for the pet lover that would like to see what their precious pet is doing while they are away at work on or vacation. It is a great feeling to know that your loved pet is safe and sound in our Paws and Relax suite with plenty of food and water as well as activity when needed. As a Paws and Relax tenant you can rest assured that your pet is being watched and cared for , and if not, you can let our excellent staff know and we will make sure yours and your pet’s needs are managed to your satisfaction. View your pets now in our luxury Paws and Relax Suites. Use the link below to visit our camera site. You may login during normal business hours between 7 A.M. and 6 P.M. Please limit your viewing to 10-20 minutes.

In order to view luxury web cameras from your smart phone follow these steps:

  1. Download the free app EasyNet Touch
  2. Tap plus sign in the top right corner, it will prompt you to enter group name. Label whatever you’d like (i.e. luxury boarding)
  3. Tap the Add box to the right of what you named your group (luxury boarding).
  4. Enter the following information into each field:
    1. Alias field-leave it blank
    2. Hostname or IP Address field-
    3. Port field- 6666 (it will automatically enter 7000 into this field, just delete and enter 6666)
    4. Device ID field- user (case sensitive-needs to be all lower case)
    5. Device Password field- 111111
  5. Once information has been entered in select Save.
  6. Tap the group name (luxury boarding) and it will drop down with beneath it.
  7. Tap the link beneath your group name
  8. All 12 rooms’ cameras will be listed, tap the first camera and you can scroll to the right and find your pet. After you know what camera is associated with your pet you can go directly to it rather than scrolling.

You will only have to set this up the first time, every time afterwards the information will be saved.

 Click the picture below to access the website

Paws and Relax

Does not work with Internet Explorer 11, Chrome or Safari.