Chew Toys

Kongs, Biscuit Balls, Big Kahuna footballs, and sterilized long-bones are by far the best chew toys. They are made of natural products, are hollow, and may be stuffed with food to entice your dog to chew them exclusively.

Non-Digging Areas

Discourage your dog from entering non-digging areas. If your dog digs in a non-digging area, put some of his excrement in the hole. This tells the dog that all he’ll find is his feces there and he won’t want to dig there again.

Excessive Barkers

Do not leave an excessive barker outdoors. Yard-bound dogs are exposed to many more disturbances and their barks more easily penetrate the neighborhood.

Doggy Manners

An adult dog may learn basic manners and good behavior (house training, proper chewing, when and how to bark) at any time in his life.