Portable Dog Crate

A portable dog crate makes an ideal den. Alternatively, keep your dog on a short leash fastened to an eye-hook in a baseboard near it’s bed, or attach the leash to your belt.

Every Hour

Every hour on the hour, say “let’s go pee and poop” (or your potty instructions) and, with your dog on leash, hurry it outside where you want your dog to go.

Give Them Time

Give your dog at least three minutes to do its business. When your dog eliminates, praise it enthusiastically and give it a yummy treat.

Purpose of Confinement

The purpose of confinement is to prevent your dog from chewing inappropriate items around your house and to maximize the likelihood your dog will develop a chew toy habit.

Chew Toys

Kongs, Biscuit Balls, Big Kahuna footballs, and sterilized long-bones are by far the best chew toys. They are made of natural products, are hollow, and may be stuffed with food to entice your dog to chew them exclusively.