This dollface is my Romeo

Romeo was rescued in July 2012 by Cavalier Rescue USA from a backyard breeder in Georgia. We took in Romeo and 3 other adult Cavaliers, Leo, Katy, and Ivy at that time and since I already had a Romeo, and a previous fosternamed Romeo, it seemed appropriate for me foster yet another dog named Romeo. […]

Teddy the Ninja

We have been blessed to have our fur baby, Teddy, under the care of CMAC since our move to Birmingham over three years ago.  He is a big fan of the Barking Zone and a party animal at least weekly there as well.  Teddy can be described in tradition terms as a mutt, but we […]


Meet Gracie.  She is a fun loving pup that loves to help with the laundry.

Oct. 2013 – Motley

Motley is a silly 8-9 month American Bulldog/Beagle mix puppy who is super sweet and loves to play.  Motley uses his voice to speak to people in such a cute way, but he rarely barks.  He is crate trained and doing great on his house training.  Motley loves playing with people, nylabones, tug o war […]

Sept. 2013 Hazel Grace

Hazel Grace is 7 months old and full of spunk. We adopted her from a shelter in north AL where her parents had been surrendered. She is dachshund/yorkie mix with a long body, whiskers and eyebrows. She loves playing with her sisters, Molly and Olive. All of her toys must be out on the floor […]