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Has Your Pet Passed The Health Test?

Your pet looks healthy to you. Your pet passes the physical examination at your veterinarian’s office with flying colors.

Your pet has all the necessary vaccines. Your pet is on all the necessary heartworm, flea and tick preventatives. But is your pet healthy?

The short answer is…maybe. Why just maybe you ask? Because without finding out what’s going on inside, as veterinarians, we just don’t know.

You see a physical examination can only tell us so much about your pet’s health. The problem is…many serious conditions such as early kidney disease and diabetes don’t present themselves in a physical examination.

That’s why wellness bloodwork (blood testing) and fecals (poop testing) are critically important in early detection and prevention of disease. Another benefit of running wellness bloodwork year after year is that we can compare previous results and track subtle changes that can be an indicator of a developing problem.

As veterinarians, there is nothing more frustrating than when we see a pet suffering from an illness or disease that could have been prevented, if we’d been able to catch it earlier with bloodwork and fecals.

Think about it. When you visit your physician for your annual physical, the words you most want to hear are… “your blood test results came back normal.” It gives you peace of mind that there’s nothing nasty going on inside.

Yes, it doesn’t catch everything, we still need other screenings as we get older such as mammograms and colonoscopies, but it’s a pretty nice feeling to come out of the physician’s office knowing that your blood test was good.

It would be great to have that same feeling when you leave your veterinarian’s office with your pet, wouldn’t it?

So, if blood work and fecals are so important, why doesn’t every pet owner get them for their pet?

Well, in our experience, there are two main reasons…

Believe me, we get it. You’ve just been asked to shell out for a preventative exam, vaccines and parasite preventives, and now we’re asking you to pay for bloodwork and fecals?

We understand that, as well as your pet’s health, you have your wallet to think about. That’s exactly why we ask you to get these tests done. You see, treating these diseases and illnesses can cost many times more than the price of the tests.

Even worse, some diseases an untreatable if we don’t catch them early enough. There can be nothing more heartbreaking than knowing your pet cannot be treated for something that could have been caught with a test.

Running wellness bloodwork involves drawing a small amount of blood and then testing it. This is no different from what your pet feels when receiving a vaccination and, honestly, they don’t feel a thing. Fecals are even less evasive. We just take a sample of your pet’s poop and test it!

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