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September is National Pet Pain Awareness Month!

Animals suffer from pain just like people do. Pain comes in many forms: surgical pain, arthritis, and cancer-related pain, just to name a few.  Acute pain is obvious and distressing. Chronic pain can be subtle, and masked as “getting old” or “slowing down.”  Old age is not a disease, but pain is.

Signs of Pain in Dogs, Cats & Other Pets

If your pet exhibits one or more of these signs, they may be experiencing pain. Call 205-991-7986 or email us at to schedule an appointment today to address any health issues right away so your pet can lead a pain-free life.  

Pet Tips

Chew Toys

Kongs, Biscuit Balls, Big Kahuna footballs, and sterilized long-bones are by far the best chew toys. They are made of natural products, are hollow, and... [more]

Latest CMAC TV Episode

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