Menu of Boarding Services

Standard Canine Boarding $22.00/night – your pet will stay in our standard boarding featuring two sizes of runs. Our large runs are 3ft x 5ft with our smaller runs measuring 3ft x 3.5ft. Each run is separated by a solid wall so that your pet can enjoy privacy from his/her neighbors. Our runs are thoroughly cleaned with the highest quality disinfectants twice daily. Each dog is walked three times daily by one of our dedicated kennel staff members.

Standard Feline Boarding $18.00/night – your cat will stay in our quiet, private cat condo room featuring natural lighting and a fish tank. Many of our condos feature a window view so your cat can relax while watching the outdoors. We also feature condos without an outdoor view for our more timid visitors. Each condo has a resting ledge, box area and feeding area.

Luxury Suite $44.00/night ($22.00 for additional guest) – your pet will enjoy being in the lap of luxury in our quiet, home-like suites. Each suite features warm earth tones and a unique mural painting. You will be able to check on your pet during their visit via our private webcams featured in each luxury suite. Your pet will receive four private walks daily with a trained kennel staff member as well as having the luxury of bringing special items from home.

Bathing Services

– Cleansing $31-44.50 – your pet will receive a refreshing cleansing bath with one of our highest quality Davis shampoos. Included in the bath are a nail trim, ear cleansing and anal gland expression. Your pet will be returned to you dry, brushed and smelling great!

– Medicated $43.50 – your pet will receive a soothing bath in one of our high quality prescription medicated shampoos. Your pet will be lathered, allowed to soak, and then rinsed thoroughly. Included in the bath are a nail trim, ear cleansing and anal gland expression. Your pet will be returned to you dry and feeling much better!

Barking Zone Dog Daycare $25/full day or $16/half day (Discount for Luxury Guests and for multiple dogs) – your pet will enjoy playing in one of our large, AstroTurf play yards. We have a yard for smaller dogs and a yard for larger dogs so they can play with friends similar in play style and size. Each yard is always supervised by a trained attendant while your pet plays all day! Unlike some other facilities, we allow our guests long play sessions, not short play groups. Half-day players are out from 8:00-11:30 or 1:00-4:30 while full day playmates are out from 8:00-11:30, naptime is 12:00-1:00, then 1:00-4:30 back out to play Your pup will be well exercised, socialized and tired.

Grooming (ask for a price quote) – Give your pet a special treat and let them get a whole new do! Our very talented on-site groomers can make any dog or cat look their very best. Contact them for a consult and appointment.