This dollface is my Romeo

Romeo was rescued in July 2012 by Cavalier Rescue USA from a backyard breeder in Georgia. We took in Romeo and 3 other adult Cavaliers, Leo, Katy, and Ivy at that time and since I already had a Romeo, and a previous fosternamed Romeo, it seemed appropriate for me foster yet another dog named Romeo. […]

Teddy the Ninja

We have been blessed to have our fur baby, Teddy, under the care of CMAC since our move to Birmingham over three years ago.  He is a big fan of the Barking Zone and a party animal at least weekly there as well.  Teddy can be described in tradition terms as a mutt, but we […]


Meet Gracie.  She is a fun loving pup that loves to help with the laundry.

Now Offering Laser Therapy

CMAC is excited to now offer laser therapy! Our Companion therapy laser is an additional method of treatment for many different conditions. It can speed healing time by 33%! Laser therapy is used in addition to or in place of medications for arthritis/pain control, wounds, fractures, incisions, skin infections, and more. Its a great alternative […]