Now Offering Laser Therapy

CMAC is excited to now offer laser therapy! Our Companion therapy laser is an additional method of treatment for many different conditions. It can speed healing time by 33%! Laser therapy is used in addition to or in place of medications for arthritis/pain control, wounds, fractures, incisions, skin infections, and more. Its a great alternative […]

August 2013 – Bentley

Meet Bentley!!! Bentley is a 2 year-old Coonhound mix and he is in need of a good home. He weighs approximately 50 lbs. and has blue/ticked coloring. Bentley is currently at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society. Call (205-942-1211), visit their website (, or go by and see if Bentley is a match for your family.

Parked Cars

NEVER leave your dog in a parked car on a warm day. Even on a cool day, the temperature in the car is much hotter than outside and can lead to brain damage or death!

Too Hot!

NEVER walk your dog in temperatures over 85F (30C), their paws burn on hot pavement and hot sand.

Shady Area

Leave dogs in a shady area, bearing in mind the movement of the sun as the day passes.