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Is Your Pet Pudgy – Is your Pet Overweight?

Picture this… you’ve had a pretty rough day at work, and can’t wait to get home.

Meanwhile… here’s what your pet has been thinking while you’ve been gone….

“…Man oh man, this has been a long day.  Where the heck are they?  Wait, what was that?  … was that a car door slamming?  Yes, they’re home. YIPPEE!!  I better get to the door and greet them, because I know what’s coming next.  MY TREAT!!”

That’s what goes through your pet’s head every time you come home. Your pet is totally elated to see you. What’s the first thing you do? You give him a treat.Overweight pet

Sometimes the treat you give him is a little bit bigger scoop of food, or an extra shake of the bag, or maybe a snack or two from the dinner table.

Why do you do this?  It’s because you love your pet with all your heart.  But have you ever stopped to think that those little treats and snacks add up – and may be harmful to him?

According to APOP (The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention) 52.7 percent of pets and 57.9 percent of cats are overweight!  That’s an unacceptable number, and we need to do something about it NOW.

Is Your Pet Overweight?

The sad truth is that most people can’t identify an overweight pet. Whenever their veterinarian tells them their pet needs to lose weight, they often can’t believe it because they don’t see it.

We’ve enclosed a handy chart to help you determine your pet’s ideal weight.  Just compare the chart and descriptions with your pet. You may be shocked at what you find. You see most pet owners with overweight pets don’t realize they’re overweight.

It is critical to understand that an overweight pet is not a healthy pet.

In case you didn’t already know, here are some of the dangers an overweight pet can face…

•              Diabetes mellitus (sugar diabetes)
•              Decreased liver function
•              Damage to joints, bones, and ligaments.
•              Digestive disorders
•              Heart disease & increased blood pressure
•              Decreased immune function
•              Difficulty breathing.
•              Skin and coat problems
•              Decreased stamina
•              Increased risk of cancer
•              Heat intolerance
•              Decreased quality and length of life

Now, the good news…

If your pet is overweight, it may require something as simple as a diet change… or an extra walk or two every week.  In some cases, it may be something not as obvious.

Either way, let’s put a plan together to ensure that your pet is getting the nutrition he needs, for a healthy, happy life.

Remember… pets can’t make these decisions for themselves.  They need someone who truly cares, and loves them.  That’s YOU!  The one and only person who can give them the happier, healthier, longer life they deserve.

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