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You May Have An Eye on Rio This August…But How Would Your Pet’s Teeth Perform In The Dental Hygiene Event?

In This Event…There’s More Than Just Medals At Stake!

While Team USA are getting their teeth into winning medals this August, it’s time for you to get your pet’s teeth in peak condition. You see through advances in animal health, pets like yours can live a lot longer these days but only if they have healthy teeth and gums.

Unfortunately, it’s our experience that for many pets this is not the case. The problem is that UNHEALTHY teeth and gums are prone to infection that can spread from periodontal (gum) disease to the rest of their body…and if that happens, it can be an expensive and painful problem!pet's teeth Did you know…

Gum Disease Is The #1 Diagnosed Problem In Pets!

Disturbingly, by the time they’re just two years old, 80 percent of pets show some sign of gum disease!  Even worse, 10% of pets have a broken tooth with pulp (nerve or root canal) exposure which is extremely painful until the nerve dies and the tooth becomes infected!

Infectious oral diseases affecting your pet’s teeth, gums and root canals create bacteria in the blood stream, which can infect other parts of the body. In fact, periodontal inflammation and infection have been linked to numerous problems including heart attacks, strokes, kidney disease, emphysema, liver disease, osteoporosis, pregnancy problems and diabetes. This has led oral infectious diseases to become known in veterinary circles as “the silent killer.”

Equally as heart breaking is the news that oral disease can also cause inflammation to the eye, resulting in blindness. Jaw bone loss from chronic infection can lead to a jaw fracture which can be very hard to heal. If that wasn’t enough, infectious oral disease can result in bone infections, nasal infections and an increased risk of oral cancer!

The Good News for your pet is that Gum Disease IS Preventable!

Just as with us Humans, a good dental care regime can prevent gum disease so it is important to get your pet checked over. Pets should have their teeth examined, as a matter of course, at least annually but think about this…  one year in your life is like five to seven years for pets.  A lot of changes can happen in one year. Remember humans get their teeth checked once every six months and brush their teeth twice per day yet pets use their mouths much more than you do!

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