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Did You Know…
September is Celebrate Seniors Month!

Did you know that senior pets are at higher risk of health problems?

You see pets age much quicker than humans and like us they can develop more health problems when they get older. So much so that most pets are considered to be Senior at age 7. Large pets over 50 lbs. are considered to be Senior at age 6.

Senior pets are at higher risk of Arthritis, Diabetes, Obesity, Dental Disease, Skin Problems, Thyroid Disease, Heat Disease and, of course, Cancer.

The good news is that many of these health conditions can be treated…if they are diagnosed early.

That’s why we’ve declared September as Celebrate Seniors Month at Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic.

You may have heard that one human year is like seven pet years.

It’s not quite as simple as that. You see, larger breeds age faster than smaller breeds.

Typically, larger breeds are seniors when they are just six years old. Smaller breeds and cats become seniors at age seven.

Dogs and cats become senior pets at around 7 years old and have higher risk of health problems such as arthritis, disease and cancer.

The good news is many of these issues are treatable if diagnosed early.

As your car gets older, things can start to go wrong. Fortunately, in many cases your car warning lights can warn you to get them fixed before serious damage is done.

Just like your car, things can start to go wrong with your pets when they get older too. Unfortunately, your pets don’t have an early warning system to let you know they have a problem.

The good news is your veterinarian can diagnose these problems, which is why senior pets should be checked out every six months.



Senior pets are at higher risk of developing disease or cancer so we just want to make sure your pet hasn’t got any problems on the horizon.

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